Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday's Missed Sunset

After dinner with friends this evening, I still tried to catch sunset from the beach. After going to the nearest beach access on West Gulf Drive, which was #1, I ran through almost all of the path. The first clear view I had, was of the top edge of the sun as it slipped below the water. Darn! :-( I couldn't get a photo in time, but there was still a beautiful pink glow. A couple groups of people were still standing on the beach, where they had been watching the sun disappear.

It was starting to get a little cool out, but I checked the beach for shells; and took a quick video. That's it for today. :-)

Another quick, "Calgon Take Me Away" video.


Jeanne said...

Thanks.... I enjoyed it! ;)

Dave said...

I still think your late-sunset shot looks good with the orange glow on the horizon. Enjoyed being by the sea at dusk watching and listening to the waves, too. - Dave