Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday's Chilly Wind

Today was a chilly one, with the temperature getting as low as 45 and the high was 59. The wind was out of the NNW at 7 and gusting up to 24. The best part of the day was sunshine. :-)

I talked to a friend today that had gone out at 6:00 this morning to Blind Pass. She is a die-hard sheller, and with the wind in the NNW, the cold air didn't keep her from going. She said there were some shells there and she looked through them a short time and then went to a beach near her friends house in the Gulf Pines area. There were no shells there. Next she went to check out the beach off West Gulf Drive at a resident access and no shells there.

About mid-afternoon she went back out to Blind Pass again. This time there were no shells because everything was then covered with sand.

This evening I gave in and went to West Gulf Drive and resident access #1 to get a video and a couple pictures to share with you. I hurried out through the path because the wind was very cold. The waves were still pretty big and they were carrying quite a bit of sand in. The only shells I saw were Arks and just a few pen shells. I could only see a couple of people way up the beach in front of Mitchell's, other than that, it was only me, a couple of seagulls, a pelican, and the sun.

As I drove back West Gulf Drive and CasaYbel, I noticed everyone had their plants all neatly covered because the weather forecast shows it may be even colder tonight, somewhere between 35 to 38. BRRRR! Tomorrow the forecast high is 57. I'm feeling bad for those people who came here on vacation this week, but I'm sure they will make the best of it somehow. Saturday it should warm back up in the low 70's. I'm ready for it!


ღ Alice ღ said...

Looks like a beautiful day,Im sure the cold weather kept the swimmers out. Glad to know it will be warmer this weekend :)

George said...

I'm sorry that our cold weather is heading down to the Sunshine State. Hopefully it won't get as cold there as it was here. Warm weather can't get here soon enough!

MariBy said...

I've always enjoyed your blog(s) Tootie, but even more so lately.

Hope the weekend is as good as they forecast! :D

Tommy Pryor said...

Thanks, Tootie, I'm feeling blah today, shivers, fever, and sore throat... your Sanibel report warmed my heart, better than chicken soup, be well, tommy

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I hope you warm up soon! I know Alice is hoping for a nice weekend, too! And guess what..... I just booked our airline tickets for October!! Woo-hoo!! I just KNOW it'll be warmer then!