Friday, January 23, 2009

Sanibel Friday Warm-up?

It was supposed to warm up today, but it seemed a little on the cool side to me. (After checking the weather later, I noticed that it only got up to 68 today.) I made a quick run over to the beach at the Nerita St. access on Middle Gulf Drive, around 4:00. It didn't seem quite as cool on the beach, which was nice. I was in capris and short sleeve T shirt and was comfortable. The sun felt very nice. There were lots of people out, some in chairs relaxing and others walking.

There really weren't many shells and I didn't see anything I wanted to pick up, so after a quick walk, and taking some pictures, I left.

There isn't much left of the sand sculptures that were here last week.

From there, I drove over to Pointe Santo on West Gulf Drive. Almost every parking space was full, so it seems that most of the condos are occupied now. As I went out on the beach, I noticed that there were quite a few beach chairs in use and lots of people on the beach. There were just a few more shells here than the other place. I feel sure there were more, further west, but I didn't have time to look any more today. The water was more clear at both places I stopped, than it had been lately and there were just gentle waves today.

I feel certain that if you walk out in the water and spend more time looking at different times during the day, there would be plenty of shells to find. :-) I'm a Slacker, remember?

The weather station on Sanibel shows 52 tonight and up to 75 tomorrow. Woo~Hoo!!!!


ღ Alice ღ said...

I hear Point Santo is a very nice place to stay. I so enjoy seeing photos of Sanibel almost on a daily basis without having to travel :)

Gayle said...

I'm glad it is going to warm up for you. The hotter the better!

George said...

Only 68°. That's cruel! But I felt warmer looking at your beautiful pictures of the beach.