Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Evening

This weather we've been having is nothing less than perfect! This evening I drove out to the causeway and to the second island. I went there with the idea of looking for miniatures or pink telons while I waited for the sun to set.

As soon as I walked down near the water, I looked down and there layed a pink telon. :-) I quickly walked a little way, looking at the high tide line and on the way back, I looked nearer the water. I got too busy looking down, searching through the rubble and the next thing I knew; the sun had just gone down. If I had more time, I know I could have found more. But, it was fun anyway! I still got a chance to take a picture of the pink glow before I drove away, and also a picture as I crossed the other island on the way back.

Santa was waving from a sleigh by the bp station as I got back on island. They also have a couple huge candy canes leaning together beside Santa and more lights in the cute display.


Mediterranean kiwi said...

i love these shots - santa looks great too!

Gayle said...

I could just see me there for the first time...I'd pick up all the shells not wanting to waste any. I just can't believe how many there are! Beautiful sunset as always!