Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday's Quick Beach Walk

I walked out resident access 7, with hope of seeing a beautiful sunset this evening. There was a slight breeze, some calm waves, and plenty of shells to look at. I picked up the largest modulus or button shell I have seen, about 1/2". After a brief walk, the sun began to go down. The noseeums were thick enough that you could see them flying in front of your face. I kept slapping my arms and legs to get rid of them, but it would only last for a couple seconds and they would start all over again. Ugh! I think this has to be the first time I was hoping that the sun would drop quickly! It was difficult to stand still long enough to get video. That took a joint effort. One person swatting at noseeums while the other held a camera. :-)

After the little cold snap, the temperature today has been great! It is 70 degrees now, at 8 PM. I love it!!

In the background, at the beginning of this video you can see a chair out in the edge of the water. It is right in front of the Blue Dolphin Cottages. A sweet little lady in a long dress, with an apron on and a big ball of yarn in her lap, was sitting there eating an apple. She told me that the noseeums didn't bother her as bad when sitting nearer the water. She just wanted to watch the sunset. :-)



very pretty colours in the sunset

Mare said...

That first photo is amazing. It looks as if the sea and sky just vanish into thin air!

Is this the time of year that the noseeums are at their worst?

D Herrod said...

Beautiful. TY for stopping by.