Sunday, October 26, 2008


This afternoon, some of the Sanibel bloggers got together for some socializing. Tink nor I had met Mr & Mrs Snowbird. So, we made arrangements to meet them at the Sanibel Grill for a late lunch around 2:00, and some island bar hopping.

We had great conversation and good food; also kept our eye on a football game. After spending a while there, we decided to move on to another place.

When we arrived at CasaYbel's Coconuts Pool Bar, Danny Morgan was entertaining. We all enjoyed a couple of adult beverages there and more conversation; after which Danny had quit and we were ready to move on to the next place.

As we walked out to the parking area, we passed a pond and stopped to take pictures of a small aligator that was sunning himself.

We went further over on West Gulf Drive to the West Wind Pool Bar. It was really a nice cool afternoon, but by now the noseeums began to bother us, and we had to pass the bug spray around. There weren't many people there, so we had a very relaxing visit.

Around 6:40 PM we went out on the beach to watch the sunset. The water was really calm, waves small and the breeze was very nice. On the walk out to the beach, we met some folks on their way back, who were fighting noseeums. I shared the bug spray with them and they were truly thankful. :-) We watched the sun going down, as we walked along checking the shells.

It was very nice to finally get to meet our message board, blogger friends that we had chatted with for nearly 4 years. We all think we should make this a frequent affair. And we will. :-)


Snowbird said...

You betcha on the frequent affair. Am I allowed to say "You Betcha"? LOL.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Sounds like a fun afternoon! Again, here's me wishing I was there!!

Those pesky noseeums!! I am FINALLY healing up from all the bites I got. They really bit me the last night on Lighthouse Beach. There was NO wind blowing and they were eating everybody (except ~thankfully~ my darling daughter, who must just be TOO SWEET!!!)

Tootie, she has enjoyed sharing the shells you gave her with EVERYBODY who comes to the house!! Thanks again!!


a fun afternoon and a sunny one too.

our weather got cooler all of a sudden, but it looks like it's going to get sunnier later in the month: we're supposed to have some rain, but nothing has come yet

Melli said...

What a LOVELY way to spend a Sunday! I have met sO many of my on line (message board/blogger) friends - and it is always a thrill! We always have a great time together and really have formed GOOD long lasting relationships! I have a few friends that I have known from a message board for almost 15 years now! It always amazes me how God has brought us together through THIS source - when we otherwise never would have known each other! And I have been truly blessed by them!!! I'm so glad you've had the opportunity to "meet" your friends!