Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Time Wednesday

Had too much going on today and simply wore out and couldn't make it to the beach.

I have a couple videos taken of the beach area at Pointe Santo de Sanibel on West Gulf Drive. I also did another one of the beautifully landscaped grounds because I was there again today.

Out in the center of the spring fed lagoon, on the little island, there is a kidney shaped pool and a jacuzzi. A clubhouse is beside the pool with a deck on top for sunning. There are also chairs around the pool to relax in. There are supervised activities for children scheduled at the clubhouse.

You can enjoy the white sandy beach in lounge chairs or Caribbean-style
thatched umbrella tables to use as a place to escape the sun.

Beach volleyball is available and there are tennis courts and shuffleboard as well.

In case you are wondering; no I don't have a business associated with this place or any financial connection. I just happen to have a love for it because it is where I stayed most of the time when I used to come to Sanibel on vacation. I also have dear friends that I got acquainted with during those times, who do own condos there and I do have a link to their websites on my sidebar.

I have photos of the interior of all those condos because I have stayed in them and I have shared those with a lot of people who were coming to Sanibel and were doing research on where to stay. Whether they rented there or not, I don't know. But, I know it is helpful to hear about different places where people have stayed and their opinion of it. That's exactly how I found it myself. I have also stayed at several other places that were nice, (and I would be glad to tell you about those places)but this was my favorite.

The main reason I chose my friends condos, is because they were ground floor walk-outs which were really handy so I didn't have to use the elevator or walk around the building to get to the pool or beach and they are all in the two buildings closest to the water. So if this information might help any of you, that would be great!

I'll try to get somewhere else tomorrow evening. :-)


Snowbird said...

I love Pointe Santo. We stayed in D building on the ground floor for 5 straight years. What a great place.

Melli said...

Isn't just shameful how LIFE gets in the way of going to the beach sometimes? I think we need to learn to prioritize better... don't you? :)

JUST before I got to your paragraph about NOT having any affiliation with this place, I was thinking to myself, Tootie's blog should be named Tootie's Sanibel Island Travel Agency! I swear it! I thought that! They SHOULD pay you commission! I'm sure you're bringing people in! I wanna come - that's for sure!!! (see? I gotta set my priorities straight!)


the uniformity of the place freaks me out a bit - we're used to a greater mish mash of styles on our island, but the beach looks fabulous!