Friday, October 17, 2008

I couldn't squeeze in time for play today, but ran out on the beach in front of Pointe Santo to catch the sunset. HOWEVER, it was hard to take a video as you will see. There were a lot of people out on the beach. I was able to get a short one at least, showing a man fishing. Just after that, you'll see the camera shaking around because I was swating at noseeums. They were really bad and biting me. I gave up on the video and ran!

I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Oh, I forgot to mention that a lady I met through the Sky Watch MEME came to Sanibel on vacation with her family this week. I had the pleasure of meeting her this afternoon. She told me they had really good luck shelling and have had a great time.

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antigoni said...

I don't agree with you. The video is great and the sunset, too. It doesn't matter there are people on the beach. The video is more alive. I'm sure you all enjoyed the beautiful sunset.