Friday, October 31, 2008

Family Friday

Today I went to Bonita Beach to meet my cousin from Missouri. She also has a home at Bonita Springs that is only 5 miles from the beach.

I enjoyed the trip across the causeway as I left the island. The water was pretty choppy today and the clouds were big fluffy white ones. As I got to the last bridge, I could see nearly 20 boats heading out to the open water. Going up to the highest point, it looked (once again) like I was going to heaven. But, I knew that wasn't the case, because I was going the wrong way for that to be true. :-)

I continued on Summerlin until I got to San Carlos and then made a right turn, taking me to Ft Myers Beach. The traffic wasn't very heavy today and I was glad I decided to take this route instead of going up to 41 like I do during season. In the winter the traffic through there is usually terrible. Today it was a pleasant drive.

I followed that until I got to Bonita Beach, enjoying the sights along the way. As I passed Lover's Key State Park, I decided that I would come back there one day, because I haven't seen that beach yet.

I quickly found a place to park in the pay lot. The fee was $1 per hour. There are a few shaded picnic tables there too. Walked out onto the beach near Doc's Beach House Restaurant. The temperature was perfect and the wind was blowing, making it a great day to be on the beach. I found my cousin sitting in her beach chair in exactly the spot she had told me I could find her. We chatted for a while and then went for a long walk, south on the beach. There were shells to look at, as we walked. I found several that I think are Turrets, I'm not positive and will have to look them over better. There were also some augers and worm shells, that I picked up. I really wasn't looking closely since we were talking as we walked.

Around 4 PM, we drove over to Rodes on Bonita Beach Rd. It is a restaurant, fish and fruit market. Our service was great and the food was very good and reasonably priced.

After dinner, I made my way back through Bonita Beach, Ft Myers Beach and back to the causeway. As I went up the first bridge, I had to smile to myself, because this time it looked more like I was driving up to something really hot, instead of heaven. When I reached the highest point, the view was beautiful! As soon as I got to a turn off, I pulled over to take some pictures of the sun going down. There were a lot of other people parked there to watch. I drove on to the next island and there were even more cars there. Seeing that beautiful sunset, sure made me glad to be coming back again. :-)
Leaving on the causeway.

Bonita Beach

Driving back through Bonita Beach.

I had to laugh at my videos. I was trying to get one from where we were sitting, showing the busy area of the beach and the water and sky. I did another further south on the beach to let you get a look at some of the homes in that area. The sun was so bright that I couldn't see my camera screen, so you get to see bits and pieces and LOTS of sky. :-) Sorry, but maybe it will give you a little idea of how it looks there.


Snowbird said...

It's funny, I really hated it when the old drawbridge was taken out but I have to admit, I love going over the high rise bridge now. It seems like you can see forever.

Hey, good seeing you guys tonight.

Mare said...


Miss Renee just said that those clouds look like cotton candy. I think I have to agree with her...