Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall On Sanibel Island

Even though we don't have leaves turning color to tell us it's fall; there are a few decorations around to remind us.

This cute display is inside the Timbers Restaurant, 703 Tarpon Bay Rd, which is one of my favorite places to eat. It isn't only the good food that I like, it's also the ambience. The entire place is decorated with a nautical theme. There are bamboo booths along the walls and also tables covered by market umbrellas. Tropical ceiling fans also add to the decor. It is a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere with a great wait staff. They have a varied menu with something for everyone. My grandchildren have also named this their favorite place.

These festive decorations are outside the Sanibel Grill, where friends met today to watch a football game.

With 16 large screen TVs and several different games going at one time, you can imagine the amount of cheering and good hearted heckling going on. Sadly, we were cheering for the loosing team.

The Sanibel Grill shares the same building and kitchen with Timbers Restaurant and is the local sports bar. It is said to be, the home of the largest personal collection of authentic sports memorabilia in Southwest Florida. Autographed photos of owner Matt Asen with sports and TV celebrities adorn the walls. Lots of them!

The evening sky on the way home.



we dont celebrate halloween in greece, so its a pleasure to see it from you

ShelleyZ said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! I adored Sanibel and can't wait to go back there again. I even have sent family & friends down to where we stayed and they say it's the best place on earth! I am going to add your blog to the ones I follow. I love reading more about the island. Glad you are enjoying life on Sanibel!

Melli said...

Cheering for the losing team is sO much more fun when you do it in great atmosphere with great friends! ;)

gpc said...

Nice to see Timbers at Halloween -- it's a fun place to eat, and they make a mean martini!

Barb said...

Toot's -- I read your blog daily -- and dream of one day following in your footsteps..I love Sanibel and want to retire there desperately.