Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Visit to Each End of Sanibel


The clouds had been hanging overhead most of the afternoon, but only sprinkles of rain. It had been very windy, with no signs of letting up; so made a quick drive out to Blind Pass to see if the rough waves were bringing in any treasure.

There were hardly any shells, but there was an abundance of surf boarders scattered in the water, waiting for a big wave.

The forecast was for possible 30 mph winds this afternoon. It was blowing pretty hard because it was pushing me back and forth. A heron was having trouble trying to walk, so it just stopped and turned toward the wind and stood there. I laughed to myself, thinking it looked like a weather vane. It finally took off into the wind and had a hard time getting up high enough to fly, so it landed again, not far away.

It was beginning to rain lightly, so it was time to go. After getting back home, it started pouring down and did that for about an hour before quitting.


Went out again a little after seven, to go see what was happening on the other end of the island. I could still see how far up the surf had been during the last advisory and the sand was still on the boardwalk.

The waves were pretty high, but not as high as those were on the west end of the island. Walking out onto the Light House Beach, the wind was a little chilly. Now, that’s a big change.

There were only two couples out on the beach picking up some shells.

After walking around near the fishing pier, it began to rain lightly, so it was time to give up again. There were very few shells at either place today. Now I’m wondering what’s between the two points. :-) From the forecasts I’ve seen, this kind of weather will be around for at least a week.

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Barb said...

Tootie, I love your Blog...you're living my dream. I've been visiting Sanibel for years, became infatuated with shelling my first visit and been mesmerized by it since then. I'll be there next week for a few days -- mybe we'll meet on the beach. Barb