Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Evening Greeting From Ike

After hearing some wind and thunder for a while, and no rain coming yet; it seemed like a hurried walk on the beach might still be appropriate for the evening. There probably wouldn’t be a nice sunset, but you can’t expect one at the end of every day. It’s always pleasant walking anyway.

Walking out access #2, a big, bright rainbow was waiting in the eastern sky. It was windy and a little cooler than it has been which made it very pleasant. The waves were bigger than yesterday. There were big rain clouds in the west. One big one was hiding the sun and you could see rain beneath the clouds. That looked a little ominous, so I hurriedly took some photos to share with you, in case it started to rain. There were a few sprinkles, but that only lasted a minute or so.

Very few people were on the beach. Only people to pass were the couple I saw yesterday, walking three dogs.

There was a small amount of shells that the waves were leaving behind, but not a great selection of unbroken ones. I wasn’t tempted to pick up any today, which is a good thing. I won’t have shells to wash now.

It was nice just watching the waves and the interesting clouds. When the sun began to go down, it finally got lower than the big cloud, but was still hidden behind the curtain of rain.

I guess this was a little greeting sent to us from Ike. I hope this was the end of it! :-)


Tink *~*~* said...

Lots of coquina amongst the kibbles and bits.

Tink *~*~*

Mare said...

Wow! Between you and Tink, I can really get a beach fix. ;)

Today's photos are gorgeous, and I really loved the video. I almost felt like I was there...