Friday, July 6, 2012

Tenth Turtle Walk of the Season

Thursday, July 5th was our tenth walk of the nesting season.

There was a tent left on the beach near Gulfside City Park and then these two a little further up the beach.

Some folks just don't think rules apply to them.

Judging by the tracks, a child was in this staked off area around a turtle nest.  What kind of parents would allow that?

Not sure why the shovel was left there, maybe the turtle left it?  More likely the same kid that was stomping around in the staked off turtle nest. :(

A new nest!
After the bad news of loosing so many nests from the tropical storm, this is a welcome sight!

Another nest! :)

Stats from Amanda Bryant, Biologist Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation

As of July 6, 2012:

Sanibel East- 61 nests, 111 false crawls, 0 hatches
Sanibel West-196 nests, 391 false crawls, 6 hatches
Captiva- 95 nests, 143 false crawls, 3 hatches

Previous years for comparison:As of July 6, 2011:

Sanibel East-26 nests, 56 false crawls, 0 hatches
Sanibel West-193 nests, 283 false crawls, 5 hatches
Captiva- 59 nests, 40 false crawls, 6 hatches

As of July 6, 2010:

Sanibel East-9 nests, 42 false crawls, 0 hatches
Sanibel West-85 nests, 180 false crawls, 1 hatch
Captiva- 39 nests, 93 false crawls, 1 hatch

Impacts of Tropical Storm Debby:

Sanibel East-22 nests washed away and 26 nests washed over/extra sand
Sanibel West-43 nests washed away, 104 nests washed over/extra sand, 7 appear ok
Captiva- 62 nests washed away, 15 nests washed over/extra sand, 5 appear ok

For a better idea of what this means, check out the sea turtle program’s blog or look for the article in next week’s paper.


Snowbird said...

First of all I can't get over the number of shells on the beach. And then two find two crawls in one morning. That's great! I regret that we never joined the turtle program. I guess I was just too busy with CROW to get into it.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Thanks for a great beach walk. What a wonderful way to start my day.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

How exciting to see some new nests! Why don't the police take down and keep items like those tents? I've noticed that here at the lake, there is a LOT more ignoring of the rules and a lot more trash. Some people have no respect anymore.

sue in mexico mo said...

When we are there I usually get up early. One of the first things I do is check for tents, etc. on the beach. Then I call and report them!
Thanks for a great report. Is your foot letting you walk yet?

Heaven's Walk said...

How sad to read how many nests were lost due to high water, Tootie. :( But how glad I was to see the new nests! That must'ave made your day - despite the lack of respect from the "tent people".

xoxo laurie

Gayle said...

The child disturbing the nest is inexcusable...bad parenting. I think I would take the tents...or at least be tempted.