Monday, June 18, 2012

Turtle Walks 6 & 7

Turtle Walk - June 7
I wasn't here for this turtle walk, but I was told that it turned out to be a little rainy.

 Turtles were laying....

and dolphins were jumping!

Some turtles were crawling. :)

June 14
I still haven't done a turtle walk. In fact I was gone to Indiana for the two previous weeks and just made it back in time to play chauffeur for this one. 
(For those who have asked, my foot is feeling a little better, but I'm not doing beach walks yet.)

 This false crawl looks like the turtle gave up before she got started.

Puffin waited in the car with me at the end of our zone at the Tarpon Bay Access.

He had just turned to look at me, as if to ask, is my Daddy ever coming,
when he came walking over the boardwalk.
And....we were on our way home.


Gayle said...

Does it mean there was someone on the beach that scared the turtle back into the water or do they just change their minds?

sue in mexico mo said...

I'm glad your foot is better. I know it is very hard for you to not be doing the walk!