Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Sanibel Bear Gone

Only a few evenings ago, we had a visit of the island's black bear in our back yard.  When he saw us, he quickly walked over behind a tree, and with only a quick look toward us, turned and hurried off into a wildlife preserve that is behind our house.  A couple of hours later, someone told us that traffic came to a stop on Periwinkle Way as the bear walked across.  It had evidentally walked straight across the preserve and onto Periwinkle near Matzaluna Restaurant.  Now the Florida Black Bear is going to a new home.  I felt fortunate to get a visit and a good look (and a not so good photo) at the bear and feel sad that he's being taken away.  I know that's the best solution all around, but it's still sad that an animal can't be safe on a wildlife preserve.

It's head is on the right side of the tree, looking at us.


Traci Keriazakos said...

We were just out there last week and we had no idea about the bear. Imagine my father's surprise when it walked right in front of his car! Why are they not leaving it be? I sure wish I knew how he got there. My two boys 5 and 8 insist he walked across the causeway! I so love that island! Someday I truly hope it will be my home.

Gayle said...

How big is the preserve? Must not be a big enough area for a bear to roam? It really is safe for him/her or people for the bear to be hanging at restaurants and in traffic. Too bad for everyone.

Heaven's Walk said...

Wow! Makes you wonder how he got there in the first place, doesn't it, Tootie...??

xoxo laurie