Saturday, November 5, 2011

Walking the Dog on Sanibel

Today the weather was so nice, we wanted to spend some time at the beach.  Little Puffin needed a bath anyway, so we took him with us.  He always seems to find a way to get sand all over himself.  On the way over, he stayed busy watching the scenery.

He especially enjoyed watching all the bikers.

We walked out to the beach at resident access 2.  The first thing I noticed was two people, relaxing, in beach chairs. 
(I thought to myself, maybe Harry and Lidy, but then reality clicked in and I knew they weren't here.)

The tide had been very high and had left lots of shells strewn about.

Puffin was excited. 
He hadn't been to the beach for a while.
He stood still, looking at the water like it was all new to him.

Then, when we started walking, he thought it was his job to sniff every shell on the beach.

And....sniff every piece of driftwood,
along with everything else.

He had a hard time understanding why the birds wouldn't come over to play with him.  I think he was a little disappointed.

Hmmm, maybe it was because he
had sand all over his face.

Dad asked him if he wanted to walk in the water.  He was going to, until a wave came up and he felt the cool water touch his paws.

He jumped backwards like he'd been
hit with ice water.
After that, he decided it was time to move on.

Then he saw a ledge and thought with a little digging, he might just find something good in there.

The waves were rolling in slowly,
but some of them were pretty big.

There were several people bent over, like they were finding shells coming in, up the beach a little further, around access 7.  But Puffin was getting a little tired after we had walked from access 2 to access 6, so we turned around to go back.  On the way, he had to stop to watch a couple of birds that were running along the high tide line.  They didn't have time to play either. :(  Oh well, we were leaving anyway.

A friend who comes to Sanibel frequently,  impressed me with a recent blog  post.  I hope you will take time to read it.


NanaDiana said...

I can see Sanibel beach through your "baby's" eyes in this post. I'm sure you were all exhausted by the time you got home!;>) Have a wonderful Sunday, Tootie! xo Diana

Debbie said...

These pictures make my heart long for Sanibel. March seems so far away.
Looks like everyone had a fun day at the beach.