Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sanibel in Mid-October

We had enjoyed the great weather that we were blessed with last week.  And also some pretty sunsets.

But by the end of the week,
we started having some cloudy and windy days.

Now with a front moving through this was how it looked most of today.  Tomorrow there is a 30% chance of rain and should be better on Thursday. :)


George said...

I've decided you have some of the prettiest sunsets in the country. Thanks for sharing many of them with us.

Heaven's Walk said...

I would trade your sunsets and rainy days for the weather here in MI, Tootie! After 10 days of absolutely perfect autumn weather, we're now having cold, rainy, and windy days. Very dreary. Very un-Florida like! :) I'm starting to count the days til March!

xoxo laurie