Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Clouds, Rainbows and Turtles

We have our last group of family here visiting before school starts again, a daughter, grand daughter and her friend.  They've encountered a few days of rain showers off and on.    But of course that always brings rainbows. :)

The beautiful clouds brought a little wind with them, which made the wind surfers happy, I'm sure.

One afternoon we were driving on CasaYbel and spotted a Gopher Tortoise.  The girls had not seen one before.

During the past week, we have driven to Ft Myers and back several times.  The clouds have been amazing to look at.

On this day, we could see rain coming down in the area where we were going.

Unfortunately for our guests, rain also fell on the island at times.  But, I'm not complaining, we need the rain.

Even with the rain showers, there seemed to be time for play, in between.

We were asked to sub for another turtle walker this morning, so we hit the beach at our usual time, to walk zone 5, which is just east of our usual walk.  We started from the same place, at Gulfside City Park and walked east to Sundial Windows on the Water.


Several random photos for your cyber shelling pleasure.

Windows on the Water Restaurant

Turtle egg?  Nope!

Yes, you guessed it, a 'Cruncher'!  I could hear him coming and looked to see what the noise was.  Ugh, he was walking right on the strip of shells.  If I were the shelling police, I'd give him a ticket! :) Go figure.....was there no where else to walk?  Duh!

There had been no turtle activity. Oh well, there's always tomorrow......


George said...

I'm glad there was time between showers for your granddaughter and her friend to get in some play time. Your pictures of the clouds and sunrise are wonderful.

Don said...

Great cloud photos. I really like the drama in the 14th photo.