Friday, May 20, 2011

Turtle Walk Thursday

We arrived at the beach this morning around 6:15.  The temperature seemed perfect, until we stepped out onto the beach and felt the breeze, which was a little chilly.  It had been down to 65 during the night.  We kicked our shoes off, leaving them near the boardwalk.  As soon as my feet touched the wet sand, which felt cold, I wished I had left shoes on.  After walking a few minutes I warmed up. :)

Crabs drinking soda and throwing empties out???
I picked up 5 of these in the same area.

A plastic bag, just waiting to become turtle food. :(

I only had to bend over one time, reach all around me to pick up this trash.  There were lots of small pieces of plastic on the beach this morning and 3 caps that boaters had lost in the water and washed in.  Picked up two plastic bags full of trash today.

Turtle trap?

Beach erosion in front of Pointe Santo during the past several days.

Snowy Egret casting a long shadow.

Me and my shadow.

The end of a nice walk, but no turtle tracks. :(
As of today there are.....

Sanibel East- 2 nests, 7 false crawls

Sanibel West- 19 nests, 28 false crawls

Captiva- 10 nests, 0 false crawls


Della said...

I can understand people not knowing that sandcastles and holes are turtle traps...I cannot understand people leaving garbage on the beach. It is uncalled for, it is juvenile, it is dirty. Beaches have trash bins, or cans, or barrels. There is somewhere to put it besides leave it laying.

Thank you for all you do Tootie! I, for one, appreciate it.

George said...

It's a shame that there was so much trash on the beach for you to pick up. I just don't understand some people.
It looks as if you had a beautiful sunrise, even if it was a little chilly.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

We pick up trash every day on the beach while on Sanibel. I wish people would get a clue!!

That's a huge drop in front of Pointe Santo!!