Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lovin' Sanibel Today!

The temperature got up to 72 degrees today and the sun felt warm.  One of those days when you can enjoy being out in the sun without any fear of getting too hot, otherwise known as a perfect day!

The cooler weather in the past couple of days gave us some pretty sights to look at.  Going over the Sanibel Causeway Wednesday, I saw a pretty rainbow when I looked toward the late afternoon sun.

Thursday after shopping at Estero , Miromar Outlet Mall, the after glow of the sunset was beautiful! Wednesday night the sunset was also very beautiful.

Yesterday afternoon there were a lot of people out enjoying the beach in front of and around Pointe Santo de Sanibel.  If you need a little beach fix, you can get a birdseye view from the live cam there.

The remains of a sea turtle.

Who wouldn't be happy spending winter time on Sanibel Island?

Since it was warm this afternoon we drove out to Captiva and back with the top down.  There were a lot of tourists walking around the village area, as you can imagine, they all had a big smile on their faces, enjoying the warmth.

These photos aren't good, but it gives you an idea how pretty the sky was.

On the way back to Sanibel, I had Puffin standing up in my lap so that he could see out, but as you can tell, he was beginning to slide down.  He's all interested in watching things and the next thing you know, he's asleep.  In this picture he was on his way out again.


Rita said...

Even the worst winter day in South West Florida is better than the worst winter day in Indiana.

Every time my hubby has complained about the weather since he flew down there last Tuesday, I send him a pic of the nasty winter snowstorm we've had up here.

He agreed the weather was great today. Hope it gets even better in another week, when I join him for only a measly week.

I long for the day when we can spend at least three months down there at a time. Looks pretty far away at this point, but glad he gets to spend a little time enjoying our place. At least one of us should.

George said...

Your photos could be used by the Florida Visitors Bureau, they are so beautiful. I know they make me wish I was down there on the beach.

NanaDiana said...

Tootie-What a beautiful day...and you better hold tight to that sweet baby of yours. He is SO darned cute I could just kiss his little face off! Hugs- Diana

Dave said...

Glad you had a nice warm day there in winter Tootie. A good pic of the rainbow by the son. I liked your sunset photo at the car park too - Dave

Don said...

Thanks for the pictures Tootie. We are tired of the snow and cold and long to be on Sanibel.

gpc said...

I've already been away too long! Puffin is so cute, no wonder you never put him down!

mcnaught5 said...

Your baby is precious! What a great beach dog!

iLoveShelling said...

We saw that same rainbow and it looked so funny since it was so straight without an arch..... but oh so lovely. Puffin is the cutest!

Heaven's Walk - said...

Tootie - I couldn't stop looking at your photos today. Just hearing that Sanibel was nice and warm and sunny.....all I could think of was "less then 80 days..!!!! yippee!!"

Second - what breed of dog is Puffin? He is absolutely adorable!!!

Third - God bless you for remembering Debbie in your prayers. You're wonderful friend and an angel.... ♥

xoxo laurie

Gayle said...

That looks like one pampered puppy! What an adorable little fuzz ball. I have a few kiddos who would love to pack him around.