Friday, November 12, 2010

Sauerkraut On Sanibel - Updated

Just when you think you've heard it all, this greets you in the morning paper.  Not Red Tide, but Sauerkraut on Sanibel.  Hmmm, What?

Obviously it wasn't on the beach where I was last.  I think this requires some first hand sleuthing. :)

I'm back with my take on this whole Kraut thing. :)  There is NO WAY it would keep me from going to the beach to do whatever I wanted to do.  So, if you are here on the island or coming soon, it isn't a big deal for now.

First of all the Sauerkraut was only in a small area of beach.  I went onto the beach at Pointe Santo on West Gulf Drive.  There was some there and further east, as far as I could see.  But, friends told me that there was none, a little further east and none on the east end of the island. 

Someone with artistic talent had left behind
some cute sand art.
 A flower.

Sea Turtle



Who would have thought of finding
a turkey on the beach?

After spending a little time there, admiring the sand art, we drove to the end of West Gulf Drive. I walked out access 7. There was a small amount of the Sauerkraut there, but most of what I saw was red drift algae. I didn't pick up any shells in either location, although there were some smaller things. The tide was out and there were tidal pools that looked like fun to walk through, searching for shells, but I had obligations and didn't stay long.

The temperature was in the mid 70's, a strong breeze blowing, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with this view! :)  I love this place!


Gayle said...

The first thing that got me in the article was this "tiny animal"... Does that mean there will be a PETA organization down at the beach tossing it back in the water before it dies? If it were dolphins they would help. Where is the magic line and who decides what animal is worthy of saving and what isn't?

Sorry for the's just there this morning. Seriously, though, can't you just see some nut trying to save it all?

I hope it air dries and doesn't stink for your daily walks.

NanaDiana said...

Hmmm...How about some hot dogs to go with that sauerkraut? I can only imagine what THAT smells like on a hot day! Hugs-Diana

gpc said...

What an odd year, the mass of coquinas, then the fighting conchs, and now the sauer-thingies. I wonder what is going on out there in the deep? I wonder if there's some subtle connection to the oil spill?

Heaven's Walk - said...

Ok....this may be a really dumb question, Tootie - but the only sauerkraut I know of is the kind one eats. What kind are you speaking of? :)

Love that sand art! Very creative person!!!

xoxo laurie

Mary said...

I've been following your post for a while and my husband and I are planning on vacationing at Sanibel Island in July. Can you advise of an inexpensive place to stay? It will just be the two of us and we want it to be budget friendly but still right by the ocean if possible. Thanks. Mary