Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sanibel and Captiva Trimmings

Another beautiful day in paradise, Sanibel and Captiva Islands.  We went out cruising around, taking in the holiday trimmings.

The clouds were beautiful as we crossed over the bridge at Blind Pass.

South Seas Island Resort was having their Tree Lighting tonight and were busy with preparations.
There were several fun things going on.

5:00pm-7:00 pm  South Seas Christmas Tree Lighting with Fort Myers High School Brass Ensemble, Holiday music and shopping at Chadwick’s Square at South Seas Island Resort.
6:00pm-10:00pm  Live Music at R.C. Otters, Key Lime Bistro and The Mucky Duck on Andy Rosse
8:00pm-9:30pm   “Christmas Star” Astronomy Cruise departs from McCarthy’s Marina
9:00pm-1:00am  Live Music at ‘Tween Water’s Crow’s Nest

Pinkerbell was getting tired of waiting for me and was ruffling her feathers a little.

Jenson's have this cute golf car just waiting, I think it has your name written all over it!  I can imagine this with a Christmas wreath on the front and some jingle bells in the back, as you drive around Captiva Village on a Christmas Holiday!

??? Really ??? A Walgreens???

We asked Pinkerbell if she was brave enough to take a walk with us.

She was a little nervous about walking on the beach, since she wasn't accustomed to that.  But, she fluffed her feathers and stood up tall as we walked on out the path.

When we reached the beach, she ran ahead and tried to hide by the sea oats.

She had a great time shelling!

I picked up no shells today.

Just before we reached the house, Pinkerbell wanted to stop at The Dunes Tennis Club to check out The Dunes tennis courts.  She loved the Har-Tru clay courts. 

She wanted to check at the Pro Shop to find out when the next Round Robin Tournament was scheduled.  She would like to join the ladies.  But, unfortunately the shop was closed.

As we walked toward the car, she dashed off and tried to drive away with the cart.  Good thing we caught her in time.  I can only imagine how shocked the golfers would have been to see her driving across the course.

She begged to drive the car the short distance to the house, but as you can see,  she was too short to see over the steering wheel.

After the long afternoon, Pinkerbell was very tired and wanted to take a break.  She spent some time just relaxing under our weeping hibiscus.  She blended right in and I could actually see Becky smiling down.  She always loved playing around, doing silly things like this.

From watching the clouds on our drive, we thought the sunset would be a pretty one, so we drove out to a causeway island.

When I walked to the edge of the water, I spotted a
Rose Petal Tellin waiting for me.  Someday, when I have enough, I want to try making a flower.  :)

After the sunset, as we drove back across the bridge to the island,  I had what I think is the greatest feeling in the world.  I am so blessed to be living in the midst of all this beauty, and still have enough time on my hands to take a stuffed pink flamingo on a tour of the islands. :)  It doesn't get much better than that!
I'm sure most people would say we have way too much time on our hands!

One last stop at Jerry's for a few groceries, before heading home.  It's a winter or maybe I should say a tropical wonderland.


ChrisC said...

Excuse me,but WTF? A Walgreen's at Jensen's?That is just soooo wrong!
Maybe PinkRBell could meet up with MissBubbleGum and HermiTheCrab?

Kaybe said...

That Pinkerbelle is a real galavander. I finally made it to Jerry's. The prices were good, the deli & bakery were fabulous, & they have the best customer service hands-down on the island.

Take good care,


sue in mexico mo said...

Tootie, the weeping hibiscus is beautiful!

I think it is great that you, Gary, and Pinkerbelle are having such a good time. Would you have even imagined this wonderful life when you were back in Indiana?

I think there is a book waiting to be written about the adventures of Pinkerbelle . . . :-)

What is Pinks new friends name?

NanaDiana said...

I love that you take Pinkerbelle places with you! How fun!! Imagine what some of the snowbirds think! LOL I went to a beautiful ball at South Seas Plantation back in the 1970's. I danced all night long! Oh...and I love that little tree in the sand. How cute is that! hugs- Diana

Snowbird said...

A Walgreens? Was that serious or were Jensen's celebrating an early April Fools Day? Love the Adventures of Pinkerbell. Too funny. So what if you guys do have too much time on your hands? Enjoy! I'm jealous.