Sunday, August 1, 2010

Will Snook Season Open

The waters around Florida, including Sanibel Island are famous for world-class snook fishing throughout the year as long as the water temperature stays above 70 degrees. Saltwater anglers say, these fish put up an exciting fight. But, they are difficult for a novice to understand, so if you are really serious about Snook fishing, you will need a specialist. Do your research to find a well experienced guide, who fishes these waters on a regular basis. If you are one of those people who are all about the relaxation and would rather just lay back and take what comes, please just ignore all of the above. :)

The record cold temperatures, last winter, devastated the Snook population in the waters around the state of Florida. This loss prompted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to prohibit the harvest and possession of snook from state and federal waters through Aug. 31, 2010 or further notice. Catch and release of snook is still permitted.

The September 1 opening for snook season is just around the corner. Fishermen are wondering if the FFW will announce the season will be closed for another year. Waiting for a decision to be made could, at best, just make the season open late.

If you plan to fish in Florida waters, you would be wise to check for existing and new regulations.


gpc said...

They sure are beautiful fish, I hope they recover quickly!

Don said...

Every time I come to Sanibel I always say I am going to go fishing but I always ending up taking photos and doing other things.

A good source for information on Snook fishing around Sanibel, would be Norm Ziegler who has a fly shop on Sanibel at 2242 Periwinkle Way.

George said...

I hope the Snook population quickly recovers.