Thursday, August 5, 2010

Turtle Walk Thursday

Each Thursday morning, during sea turtle nesting season, we are up and on the way to the beach, well before sunrise. And, every Thursday morning, I have the same feeling of anticipation. I can't wait to see that soft pink glow of pre-dawn light! Why do I love the Sanibel sunrises so much?

I can remember being told, 'yesterday is gone', 'things will be better in the morning', and 'tomorrow's another day.' Sunrise is the beginning of a new day, but my yesterday seemed fine to me. I don't think I'm yearning for a fresh start to a new day, I'm just thankful that I've been given another. I think it's the pure beauty of that pink glow, just before my day begins, and wondering what adventures this day will bring.

The first faint pink glow.

It was, just barely, light enough to see one lady on the beach, walking toward the Sanibel Lighthouse.

I saw no one else in sight.

Looks like somebody had a ball last night.

Shells were pretty sparse.

The tide was pretty low.

Shells were a little a little more dense in places.

Seeing these five holes, made me start thinking! (Not good!)

If dogs start digging holes in the yard, the reason is usually that their owner is away or the dog is being neglected. Yelling or hitting the dog is a reward of sorts, because the dog then has your attention and considers that a reward. Trainers say that the best solution is owner involvement. Keep the dog mentally stimulated . Now….I’m wondering if that could be the answer for the little hole diggers on the beach. Maybe a little parent involvement? That is, unless the parent is helping dig holes.

A random sampling of seashells. :)

We were walking along the beach, saw a slight movement near the water, looked closer and then saw 7 little Snowy Plovers standing very still, in little cupped out places in the sand. They thought they were invisible and they nearly were.

A trap!


Had no idea what this was, other than interesting.

The beach was loaded with sand obstacles today.

Notice the pink glow has gone. The sun is up!

Birds all watching the sunrise.

Chair and belongings, including a steak knife, had been left out all night.

And .... again....

Time for breakfast!

Another chair left out, not sure which place it belonged to. But, obviously someone had dragged it there, from the pool area.

How many butts do you see? I counted 11, as I was picking them up. This sight is getting to be way too frequent. Cigarette butts are laying around on the sand, where people have been sitting etc, but mostly the incoming tide shoves them up into the high tide line. We see them all along the way, picking up the obvious ones, but if we looked the beach over, we would be out there all day picking them up and not be finished. :(

This was the heaviest amount of shells in our zone this morning. However, I didn't take time to dig through them.

This is where our zone ends, and the view as I was just returning from depositing two bags of trash, at the Sanibel Inn. Thank goodness they have trash receptacles on their path to the beach. I think it also reminds their guests to bring their trash from the beach. Thanks Sanibel Inn!

It was pretty hot by the time we started our walk back. But there was a pretty strong wind blowing which helped a lot. The temperature got up to 91 later today.

The one turtle nest in our zone looks to be in good shape, but there were no new ones.

This morning, on our fourteenth turtle walk, I was hoping to have a turtle adventure, but that didn't happen. Oh well, as they say, tomorrow is another day. :) It was just nice being out in nature.


Don said...

I have never understood why people leave trash at places they obviously enjoy. When I am out taking photos, I will sometimes be a mile from the car and find an empty water bottle or something similar. I always wonder why someone who apparently enjoys being in nature would foul it by leaving their trash. You carried it in why can't you carry it out?

The Florida Blogger said...

Hopefully, its not the natives who are leaving the cig. butts. I'd be even more upset if it was.

Sanibelshell said...

Tootie, In your 2nd paragraph I can remember being told..... that means alot to me. My Momma always told me to be grateful for what i have. Walking towards that lighthouse in the early dawn is a most unforgetable morning. I love how time can just stand still when we get on Island time. You are wonderful and make my day.