Monday, August 16, 2010

Sanibel Sky View

We had friends visiting last week and also their two dogs. We had a great time with them and Lexie had fun playing with Boo and Gracie. He was really happy when we put him in his travel box, so he could sit in the floor to be near all the action. We are all a little lost today.

We watched from the deck, this evening as clouds were passing by. It was just as the sun was setting.

There were only a few sprinkles of rain, as we looked at the rainbow, that soon changed to a double one.


Love of the Sea said...

Wow, Lexie is beautiful. And obviously a good sport that she was okay with the two doggies visiting. Amazing she wanted to be right in the mix!

Gayle said...

Lexie is very beautiful. You are so lucky to have her. Neat that she got along with the other dogs.

George said...

I really like the color you captured in the clouds as the sun set. And of course your rainbow is marvelous.