Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rainy Days on Sanibel

A few days ago a Tropical Depression formed, just south of us, and brought lots of rain. I'm not complaining because we needed the rain and it lowered the temperature a few degrees. Last time I added the amounts of rainfall, we had at least 6 inches and there has been more since.

We have guests that arrived on Monday and we've had no beach time until this evening. After a rain shower, we made a mad dash to West Gulf Drive and resident access 6. As soon as we got out of the car, we could hear loud wave sounds. But when we walked out to the beach, we were surprised that the waves were not bigger than they were.

There were shells at the high tide line, which had been higher than usual. We had been told about the higher tides washing out some of the sea turtle nests. There were areas on the beach that had a lot of shell crumbs and there were none anywhere near the water. When the waves came up on the beach, it looked shiny and smooth as glass.

It was very nice out, the wind made it cool enough and kept the noseeums away. It was a very relaxing and pleasant time.


The Florida Blogger said...

Sounds like those tropical storms are making up for the lack of rain early in the season.

Melinda and Jonathan said...

My husband and I are on our way to Sanibel this weekend for our annual family vacation. I sure hope that tropical storm stays far, far away from Sanibel's shores! If I see you while my mom and I are shelling, don't be startled if I say hello! =)

George said...

I'm glad your guests were able to enjoy the beach for at least one evening. I really like your pictures of the sky and the beach.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Such a lovely beach *sigh* So glad that it still looks clean and unspoiled. Love my Sanibel fix.