Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Seashells and The Walker Guest House

The low temperature last night was 77 and the high today was 90, but it didn't seem that hot to me, since it was cloudy most of the day. We had no measurable rain today, but there is still a lot of water standing around from the last rains. I heard a helicopter flying over the house again this morning spraying for mosquitoes. I was glad to hear it.

This afternoon, even though it looked like it could start raining any minute, we went to the beach at resident access 6 on West Gulf Drive.

Obviously there were others who felt a need to be at the beach too. :)

There were a lot of blooms still partly open on the Railroad Vines.

I was surprised to see a whole array of small shells.

Nearest the water, there were mostly broken shell pieces.

We saw one hatched sea turtle shell, very near the water.

In a few places the shells were almost a foot deep. It was fun digging through them, even though we only took a couple of handfuls, because we already have too many of this kind at home.

Since that spider incident last week, I checked a little more carefully for webs today. :)

When we were almost back to the parking area, I had to look over in wonder, once again, at the Walker Guest House. I remember the first time I noticed it. I thought it was about the strangest looking house I'd ever seen, and maybe it still is. It looked like a wooden box that had panels with ropes attached to them. At the end of each rope, was a large red steel ball. Those panels raised all around the tiny cottage, to open it up to the outdoors. I was so curious that I started searching for information about it, that's when I found out that it has a special and very interesting history. It is quite a famous and unique cottage, designed by Architect Paul Rudolph, for Dr. Walter W. Walker and built in 1952-53. I've posted about it once before, but if you missed it and would like to know more, you can read all about it and also see the inside and a video.


NanaDiana said...

I could have sworn I followed Debbie (Love of the Sea) over here yesterday and signed up. Well, I guess I didn't but now it looks like I might be your 200th is the first distinction of any kind I have noted as a follower-lol

Love Sanibel...have always loved Sanibel and used to spend a lot of time on it when I lived in Ft.Myers Beach. I never dreamed that the blogging world would bring me back to Sanibel someday. Thanks for sharing your world with me. Diana

Gayle said...

Shells a foot deep! That is amazing. I would bet one could find a way to use them. Maybe mixed with concrete that could make a beautiful walkway?

Debbie said...

Hi Tootie~~~LOVE the video! I sat and imagined I was there as the waves came in and receded underneath the next wave to roll onto the shore.
love the sound relaxing.
I cannot wait to get there!

Tootie said...

NanaDiana, thanks for being my 200th follower. :) If you'd like to send your address to , I'll send out a special prize. :)

George said...

I don't think I've ever seen shells that deep before. It's amazing.
That guest house is also very interesting. What an interesting way to open up the house.

Snowbird said...

Thanks for posting about the Walker House. Everytime I walk up the path to the beach, I wonder about it. I had no idea what it's history was. Very interesting. Not sure I would want to stay there though as it didn't look like it had too many drapes or curtains for a little privacy! :)

Tink *~*~* said...

It reminds me of some sort of James Bond thing - it's a sports car, no it's a boat, no it's a box, no it's a cottage!