Thursday, July 1, 2010

Turtle Walk Thursday

The low temperature today was 74, the high 94. The last couple of nights, some parts of the island got rain, up to 3" toward the west end. We did get a light rain at our location last night, but not worth the mention. This evening we got rain. Yay! A weather report said 1.33" on the east end of the island. I doubt we got quite that much here. Whatever the amount, we are grateful for it.

When we left the house this morning, the air was heavy with humidity and there was no breeze. I was thinking that our beach walk, might not be too pleasant, especially if the noseeums were bad because of rain last night.

As we drove to the resident Buttonwood Lane parking area, we could see the sky turning orange in the east. It was barely light enough to see, but we started out the boardwalk.

As soon as we stepped onto the sand, I saw a couple walking on the beach with a bright flashlight, obviously searching for shells. I thought for a minute about what I should do. Should I tell them that you aren't allowed to use a flashlight on the beach during sea turtle nesting season or just walk on by them and ignore it. By the time I got across the sand, I decided I should tell them, because if they are staying for several days, they should know. There have been no nests in our zone yet, so if any decided to come ashore here, we wouldn't want them to be scared away. I spoke to the couple and asked if they were having any luck finding shells, and they said, not at all. Then I said they probably didn't know, but we aren't allowed to use flashlights on the beach during sea turtle nesting season. They were very nice and said they didn't know and thanked me for telling them. I saw them later, on our return trip and stopped to talk to them again. They were excited and started showing me the things they had found. A small sand dollar, the first they had ever found, and a few nice shells. I wished them good luck and they went on their way.

There were a lot of small shells, but I tried not to look down at them. It was really breezy and cool when we started, and wanted to get to the end of our zone and back before the sun got up too high. No doubt it would quickly climb back into the 90's.

I'm not sure what part the circle around the shoes plays, maybe it's like a protective ring. ??? Maybe a security alarm of some kind. ??? :)

I can safely say, you couldn't get me out into that water, higher than my waist and neck when the waves came, with fish bait. Not during the early morning hours when sharks feed. Call me chicken if you want; not going! He wasn't out there as we walked back. Don't know if he quit or if a shark got him.

When I bent over to pick up some trash, I saw a Bubble Shell right beside it. A reward. :)

The next trash I saw, was up near the dune area, I reached over to pick up a paper plate and this guy was right there, giving me his mean look and didn't move an inch. :)

You won't believe what I found next! Yes, it is a golden slipper! I looked all around, but couldn't see a Prince or Cinderella. :(

Lizard, or a dinosaur with short legs? I don't know.

As soon as we turned to start walking back, I saw an Angel Wing. A little of the tip is missing, but it would work fine in a craft of some kind.

I watched a Crow, play around with an empty coconut shell. It was hilarious, he jumped on top of it, pecked at it, fell off and kept doing it again. When he got worn out, his buddy fought with it a while.

A tiny scallop.

Paper Fig and a Juvenile Horse Conch with a few barnacles on it, but I'm pretty sure I can clean it up.

Apple Murex and Turkey Wing

The sky had a totally different look, when we got back.

The Beach Hibiscus along the boardwalk, at Buttonwood Lane access, had all been trimmed to about half the height they were, and they are just now blooming again. It's amazing how the flowers change color, by starting out yellow in the daytime and turning red by evening.

No sea turtle activity to report; just two bags of trash to carry away.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

You found some nice shells, despite not looking down to avoid the heat! LOL!! I'm glad you talked to the folks with the flashlight. Sounds like they were receptive and understood why. Sad to hear you were able to pick up 2 bags of trash. I wish people would pack it out with them. Plus, the stuff we find in the lake, is multiplied many fold coming out of the ocean. Why don't people use their brains??

sue in mexico mo said...

I was so sure you would find a nest or crawl this morning. Darn!

The Florida Blogger said...

Pretty brave of you to approach strangers. Good on ya!