Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Sanibel Evening After the Rain

Today was a hot muggy one, at 93 degrees. This evening we got a little rain, 0.12" in this area of the island. It just didn't last long enough.

After the rain, we went to the beach at the Fulgar St access, which is near the Holiday Inn. It was pretty nice there, with a little ENE breeze. There were a few shells in places, buy none in others. I saw none that I wanted to take. It was just a nice walk on the beach, until noseeums found us, then it was time to leave.

We could see plenty of rain coming down, but farther away. :(

This canopy was right in front of the Holiday Inn, no people were around it. I have a feeling they intend to leave it there overnight. :( I hope the HI doesn't allow that to happen, since it is sea turtle nesting season. By the way, we had one nest that hatched on the west end of island this week and Captiva has had one hatch, so far.

I think somebody should learn how to spell Florida. Floride ???

I like this report! Thought I would share it.


Don said...

While the entire oil spill is a terrible tragedy, the report for Sanibel/Captiva and the rest of the SW beaches is good news. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the models are correct and that they will get the oil stopped soon.

Thanks for sharing.

The Florida Blogger said...

It is a little hard to spell Floride:)