Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Fun Sanibel Fourth of July

High temperature today was 83, with a southeast wind, late afternoon the clouds got heavier and we had a little rain, 0.22" of on the east end of the island.

We went to a friend's home this evening, where we steamed some crab legs on the grill, added some corn on the cob, a salad, firecracker slaw, and hot bread to make a wonderful meal. And as if that wasn't enough, we had strawberry shortcake and 4th of July cupcakes for dessert.

Tonight we went over to Mariner's Point, which is near the city boat ramp, to watch the fireworks from a condo. It had just quit raining as we arrived and we could see what was left of a rainbow. It was so nice out, that we decided to sit on the boardwalk next to the water. There was a strong breeze blowing from across the bay, which kept the noseeums away. It was enjoyable just sitting there watching as boats gathered to see fireworks and listen to the sound of the waves.

As the sun went down, the sky gradually changed color, which was the prelude to the fireworks display. We also sat and watched the traffic on the causeway, which was backed up all the way from the island to the causeway islands, which must have been totally full, with nowhere else for parking, or a place for the cars to turn around. All the cars stopped, bumper to bumper, on the causeway had to enjoy the view from where they were.

The fireworks were very nice and we really enjoyed it. We also watched fireworks around Ft Myers beach and south of there. It was a great day!

Just a sampling of the fireworks, and please try to ignore people around us talking. :)


Jeanne said...

Loved the Fireworks video. And the heart fircrackers were coooool!
Thanks for sharing your day in paradise with us....once again :)

gpc said...

Looks like fun -- I love fireworks, I'll have to come and see them on Sanibel some year. The heart ones are super cool, I've never seen those before!

Gayle said...

The only fireworks displays we get to see are at -20 below on New Year's Eve. I bet it really was enjoyable.