Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Wet Wednesday?

We had to go off-island today, so there was no beach time. Sorry. :( It was a pretty hot day anyway; 96 and the humidity was high. Hopefully, the wind kept everyone cool enough on the beach.

Here's a shot taken toward the Sanibel Lighthouse as we were leaving, early this afternoon. Clouds had started building and were headed our way. We were hopeful rain was on the way.

Later, this evening, as we were driving back on Summerlin, the entire sky looked dark over the island. Oh happy day! We need rain so bad! Our lawn is starting to get brown in places because of the lack of moisture, even though it's irrigated twice a week. Looks like rain may already be falling right over our house! :)

When we reached the island, the streets were dry. Oh well, maybe it still is raining on our yard. But.........NO, not a drop! A couple of hours later, we had another chance, but only got a few sprinkles. I don't know if it rained anywhere else on the island, but the weather report showed no measurable rain. :(

Early tomorrow morning is our weekly 'turtle walk', it will probably rain then. :)

1 comment:

ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

We also are getting storms like you,it seems to rain all around our home but never over it.
Still the photo's are great!!! :)
I love photo's like these yet hope I never get caught in an afternoon thunderstorm,just my quirk from Hurricane Andrew. Hope you get some much needed rain for your grass too ;)