Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shimmering Seashell Sunday

We went for a drive off-island this afternoon, as we crossed the Sanibel Causeway, there were jet skis zipping around everywhere. The water in San Carlos Bay was very calm, so I guess that's what brought them all out today. That also looked like a great way to stay cool, since today was another hot one at 92 degrees and 75% humidity.

We waited to go to the beach until around six this evening, when it had cooled down a little. Picking resident access 5 on West Gulf Drive, turned out to be a good choice. As soon as we started walking on the path, I could hear the waves. When we reached the highest point on the path, we were met with a cooling breeze from the East. Nearer to the water, the breeze was even stronger. There were lots of seashells at the edge of the surf, sparkling in the evening sun. That was the highlight of the day. I had fun walking the beach, looking at shells and stopping to pick through some of them. I only carried home a pocket full and only one shell that I considered a good find. That was a flat, fan shell, which is one of my favorites. It was standing on edge, with only half of it showing above the sand. I had to dart out to grab it before another wave came. There were no other shells around it, so I'm thinking it was put there especially for me, by my guardian angel. :)

A camp was all set up, but nobody was home.

These photos don't show the sparkling shells very well. :( Waves kept coming up, and over them at times, making them shine.

Today's treasures. For some weird reason, I always keep pieces of Lions Paws that I find. That's in the lower left corner. My special Fan shell is in the lower right corner. All of the rest of them will find a home in a container of give away shells.


Gayle said...

I hope you have many more days of unspoiled shell searching and beach walking.

Lauren said...

Oh how I miss this beach sooo much! Our whole family talks about it all year...until we visit again in March...and it NEVER disappoints! :)

Snowbird said...

Nice haul. Guess I'd better get to the beach, huh?

rita said...

I'll never forget the sound the waves make as they run through the shells at the edge of the water. That's my happy place.

And I'm moving to the Keys next week!!!