Monday, June 28, 2010

Sanibel Monday Evening

It's been another hot, 93 degree day. The humidity was very high, but the wind helped make being outside tolerable. This evening, it got really cloudy, there was some thunder in the passing clouds, but we took advantage of that cloud cover and went to the beach. Even though we got no rain, it was at least a relief to get cooler air.

At resident access 2 off West Gulf Drive, there were some shells up high on the beach at the high tide line, but not many anywhere else, except Ark shells.

I saw the bottom of a Top Shell exposed, reached down to pick it up, then realized the top portion was missing. This was the biggest one I had ever seen. What a shame it was broken.

There was a hole in the clouds (or hole in the floor of heaven :), and who better to shine light down on, than the lady you see in this photo.

Some of you, who come to this part of the beach often, can tell from her silhouette, who it is. She's the sweetest lady I've met on the beach, since moving here. And just guess what she was doing today! She had a bag of nice shells with her, and was dropping one here and there for other people to pick up, because there weren't any good ones on the beach. Yes, she's an angel alright. It's Ms Dottie. :)

We talked about collecting shells, bagging one of each kind and saving them to give friends who come, when they don't find many themselves. So, when we turned to go our separate ways, she handed a nice Fighting Horse Conch to me and said that she noticed I didn't have any shells, and I shouldn't go home empty handed. I should take that home and put it in with our gift shells. :) I love that little lady!

We could see shells when the waves broke on the shore, but after looking closer, didn't see too many good ones. If you wanted to work a little harder with a shell net, there were probably some there. Dottie had been using her net now and then, but hadn't found anything to keep. We were just happy to walk on the beach.

The noseeums began to bother us, so we left in a hurry.


ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

Ms Dottie sounds like a really sweet lady :) You never really hear of people doing kind acts like that. The rain & the cooler air are just a couple of nice things that these afternoon storms bring. Hope the no see ums arent too bad,my grandson just turned 3 and this weekend will be his 1st time on Sanibel. The other day I showed him your blog and told him he could find seashells like this for his Mommy :)

Gayle said...

The story about Dottie is about one of the sweetest I've heard in a long time! Our noseeums have been bad lately which is kind of odd for this time of year. They get in mine and Olivia's hair and chew us up~

sue in mexico mo said...

I was privilaged to meet Ms. Dottie a few years ago. I was on a beach walk with SCCF that started in Gulfside City Park. (I wonder if they still do those walks.) Ms. Dottie and I walked and talked several mornings. Her story about how she and her husband came to live on Sanibel was interesting. She is a great lady! Maybe I will see her again next month! That would be fun.

Colleen said...

I've seen Dottie before and wondered about her; she always says hello. I live in Punta Gorda and visit Sanibel often ( my idea of paradise along with a few of the FL Keys) My birthday is in a couple of weeks, taking a day off of work and spending the day on the beaches of Sanibel. Love your pics of sea and beach life.
Your blog site is wonderful!

Tootie said...

I knew she had been doing those walks at Algiers and asked her, yesterday, if she was still doing them and she said, yes. You probably will see her. :) She has many interesting stories. Ask her how many people have married between her house and the beach. Did you read a post, I did a year or so ago, about how she took a bag of jingles out, so that people could throw them over the bride and groom in place of rice? She is a very special lady.

sue in mexico mo said...

Tootie, I see where you called it Algiers. I love the story about how it got that name, but can't remember where I filed it. . . maybe it got deleted. I will have to do some research.

sue in mexico mo said...

Tootie, I see where you called it Algiers. I love the story about how it got that name, but can't remember where I filed it. . . maybe it got deleted. I will have to do some research.