Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nice Beach Evening

We had a 93 degree day. This afternoon clouds began to gather, many of which looked like they could bring some rain. This evening several dark clouds passed us with loud thunder, but none of them produced any rain for us. With clouds still lingering over the island, we headed to the beach at resident access 5, off West Gulf Drive.

A big dark cloud was right above us, as we walked out to the beach.

A cooling SSE wind hit us as we crossed the beach. It was so pleasant! There were plenty of small shells to look at, as we walked. I only picked up a couple of pretty colored Scallops and a couple of the biggest Slipper shells I've ever seen.

In this photo you can see rain passing us by, once again.

Our friends who just recently left the island are still having withdrawal pains. So just sit back, close your eyes and listen to the waves. My friends, this one is for you! :)

I had a nice chat with this lady who is staying at Mitchell's with her family this week. By the way, her last name is Seas. They are from the Houston, TX area. She said she was out on the beach this morning as soon as there was enough light, and had found many nice shells today. She was happy to find different kinds of shells than she has found in Texas. (One of the perks of living here is seeing happy people on vacation. And yes, I do try to remember that during the busy season. :)

There are three sea turtle nests between resident access 4 and 5 now, all near each other. :)

As I was leaving the beach and just started walking on the access path, I noticed this plant with white blooms on it, I didn't know the name of it and curiosity got the best of me again. When I got home, I started searching to find out. There are two kinds that seem to be like it. One is Scaevola plumieri which is a native plant, and the other Scaevola taccada, that is invasive. This invasive species, native to the Indo-Pacific, is crowding out dune plants native to Florida. I couldn't be sure which it is, but I think it's the invasive one. I will have to check on it again to see if it gets black or white berries to know for sure. Oh well, now I have a purpose in life. :) The little green berries you can see in the picture are new grapes that are coming out on the sea grapes now.

Does this look like a big, green horse to anyone else?

I just happened to be reading an article today and ran across this little tidbit of information about Billy Kirkland, owner of Billy’s Bike Rentals on Sanibel Island. It never hurts to know all you can about those people we choose to do business with. :) Kudos Billy!

Today I read a very inspiring, heart felt and well written
post, by an island lover. I think you people, with the same love for Sanibel, would appreciate it.


Gayle said...

Such a wonderful life. I hope it is unspoiled for a long time to come.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Wonderful post you directed us to! I hope and pray that the oil doesn't spoil any more beaches!

The Florida Blogger said...

Yep, I'm with you on the horse thingy.