Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot Tuesday and No Rain

Deepwater Horizon oil spill Update June 15, 2010 10:30 a.m.

At this time, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has not impacted Sanibel, Captiva or Fort Myers Beach. The Florida Division of Emergency Management does not expect the oil to impact the Sanibel/Captiva/Fort Myers Beach area between now and Monday, June 17. Forecasts are being made in 72 hour increments. There are no projections beyond that time frame.

Officials on Sanibel, Captiva and Fort Myers Beach are monitoring the situation closely and will respond accordingly to any potential impact on our area. If you are traveling to the destination within the next few days, you can monitor the websites below for the latest updates on the spill and check back with this site for specific information regarding Sanibel, Captiva and Fort Myers Beach .

J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island is reporting, there are currently no impacts to our refuge waters. The beaches are clean and open. MORE UPDATE INFORMATION

Today, we drove across the Sanibel Causeway to the Bass Pro Shop at Gulf Coast Town Center, which is located near Southwest Florida International Airport. As you can see, the water looked beautiful, clean, calm and inviting. Especially on this 94 degree day. Ugh!

Try to overlook the annoying reflections off the windshield, to see the pretty fluffy clouds that were hanging around.

Unfortunately, none of them were producing any raindrops. But as soon as we reached the other side of the Bay, there were some darker clouds that looked promising.

We spent a while in the Bass Pro Shop, since I was on a mission to exchange a neat shirt that my MO friends gave to me. I needed a different size and had to take it in a different color, but I love it! We have some really kind and thoughtful friends. :)

As we walked to the door to make our exit, rain was pouring down. So, we walked back inside and into the Islamorada Fish Company, where we ate lunch and watched fish swimming in the aquarium. I had the BQ Chicken sandwich and it was very good.

By the time we finished eating, the rain had stopped, but there were more dark clouds moving overhead. There was a lot of activity going on there today. Before we left the parking lot, it was raining again.

It rained as we drove all the way back to the causeway. When we reached the Toll Booth area, it was completely dry and no rain. :(

We were met with blue skies and sunshine, which would normally be great, but we really need some rain.

We went over to a resident beach access near the Colony Estates on the East end of the island.

I saw these signs on someones yard fence as we walked the access path.

Nice sign, but I don't think it gets much attention. There was an empty cigarette package, directly on the other side of the boardwalk.

It was feeling a little cooler, as we got some breeze, nearer the water.

This video is taken on the beach about a half mile west of the lighthouse. As you can see, the water is still clean (except for sand and seashells, of course)and there is only a slight amount of seagrass on the beach. We don't have any oil or tar balls. :)

Then dark clouds came, along with a lot of thunder.

There weren't any shells of interest and I didn't pick up any.

Mr. Ghost crab had better head back into that hole, for shelter.

We made our departure, thinking it would soon start raining, but.....wrong again! The clouds passed right by us. :(

On the way back, we past this beautiful Apple blossom Cassia (cassia Javanica), in full bloom at Sanibel Moorings. You may remember me telling you about their botanical garden tour every Tuesday at 9 am free for their guests, and also available for non-guests on Wednesdays at 9am. RSVP required with a $5.00 fee per person. They meet in the butterfly garden and explore 6 acres of gardens in approximately 2 hours. It would be well worth your time, if you are interested in gardening.

My photos really can't display to you, just how beautiful this tree is. The color is bright pink and the bunches of flowers are huge.

When we turned around in the parking area, I noticed this Crape Myrtle that is blooming. I hadn't seen it in previous years and was surprised. I have seen pictures of Crape Myrtles, but had never actually seen one.


Gayle said...

I love the Bass Pro Shop. I went to one in Colorado and (I think) in California. So much to see in there. I wanted one of everything! I would love to go to the gardens. How fun that would be. Your oil updates remind me of the recent fire updates coming from my home town except that they will recover from the fires relatively quickly compared to the damage of an oil spill (which we may not recover). Glad you still have clean beaches to enjoy.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

So glad that the oil has not washed up on Saniel -- this is all so saddening. Actually more like outragious the more information that comes to light.

The Florida Blogger said...

I've eaten at the Islamorada fish company in Islamorada. Great food. Even better scenery.