Monday, June 7, 2010

Hot Monday!

Our nights are not cool anymore. Last night the low was 81 and today it reached 91 with 74% humidity. It was still too hot for me, later this evening. But, we went to West Gulf Drive and walked out resident access 2, anyway. There was a pretty strong wind blowing, which kept us cool. :) There were not as many shells as yesterday and I wasn't tempted to bring any home with me.

We saw our Dutch friends on the beach and had a nice visit with them. They had spent most of their day on the beach and had picked up a couple of nice sand dollars and several fighting horse conchs.

The little puffy clouds below the larger ones, was a little unusual.

The water is still a nice color and pretty clear.

There were mostly shell crumbs. :(

A large dark cloud came past us. Some sprinkles fell for about 3 minutes but the rain didn't come. We could sure use some.

These shells were still left from yesterday.

The friends, rinsing their feet and getting ready to leave the beach.

Still finding things to chat about in the parking area.

Our friends making the trek back to their house.

Even though the oil spill has not reached Sanibel Island, some Sanibel businesses are preparing law suits. They say profits are declining because of fear that it will. I simply can't understand why people don't do their homework before a vacation. If predictions are correct the oil will not affect our shores and if it does, most rental agencies and owners will give a full refund. If you are planning a vacation at Sanibel, please don't worry. Simply call the person or company you are going to rent from and ask what their policy is, before you make your payment. I know it is a little worrisome if you have to purchase airline tickets, well in advance of your travel time, but check on travel insurance to see if any of them would cover it. I've found the price of it to be low and well worth the money spent. If you are driving; no worries (Unless you were going to buy a new car, just for the occasion :).) For stays anytime in the near future, I'm sure you are safe to make plans. For dates further out, keep checking on the trajectory reports. This link will provide a little info to understand how to read them.


ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

Thanks for the link to the trajectory report,been trying to find a good one & now thanks to you we have it :) We have plans for this weekend & feel very safe allowing our family to play in the water.Your photo's prove how clean & clear the water is,thank you Tootie :)

Gayle said...

You can sue if your vacation plans fall through? What is wrong with this world.

The Florida Blogger said...

Hey Toots, I'm hearing your frustration with people's fear. I think that much of the oil spill is Chicken Little thinking. Yes, it is bad. Yes, it shouldn't have happened. But no, we should not allow it to stop our plans. There are plenty of beautiful places to see in Florida.

Don said...

I saw on the news, I believe it was Ft. Myers news when we there in June, that about the only thing that would push the oil onto Sanibel's beaches would be a hurricane, and not every hurricanes would do that. The report indicated that the probabilty of oil on Sanibel beached from this spill, would be very low. Not to say it won't or couldn't happen, just that it isn't likely.

I also think filing suit at this time is a bit premature.

Native Mom said...

You do such a good job capturing the beach on a regular basis, I think you should share your shots on the state's website for tourism. Visit Florida is asking people to post their photos of what Florida beaches look like right now to help dispel the myths that our beaches are oil slicks. Link to post is:!/FloridaSunshine