Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Cooler Sanibel Evening

The humidity was high again today and the temperature got up to 93, just like it has been. We had to go off-island this afternoon and didn't get back until evening. There were many clouds all around the Ft Myers area, and we could see the beginning of a rainbow around Ft Myers Beach, as we were driving across the causeway.

While we were in Ft Myers, we saw a huge rainbow. It was actually a double one, but the one above, was not dark enough to show in the picture. While we were there, we only ran into a few sprinkles of rain, and that was it.

Going back across the causeway to the island, clouds were really pretty with the sun shining from behind them. There was hardly any activity going on at the spoil islands today. The people who were out there, had things to themselves. :)

When we got back on Sanibel, we drove over to the Nerita Street access, where we walked out to the beach. The sun was getting lower and there was a cool, refreshing south wind.

There weren't many shells. This is one beach visit, that I wasn't even tempted to bend over for a closer look at a shell. But I'm never disappointed, there's always tomorrow. There was plenty of wind to keep the noseeums away and was a perfect evening for a walk on the beach.

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Rita said...

We were sitting at Pinchers on the bay when we also spotted the double rainbow. My two young great nieces were tickled.

We then drove down the beach where they hold the National Sandcastle competition. Parked at The Outrigger, had a drink at their Tiki Bar and got some amazing sunset/family pics.

Man I love the the beach.