Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday; Friends & Adventure

We've been having a lot of fun with friends during the past few days. The weather has been pretty warm, but there has been plenty of breeze to keep you cooled off.

We took a couple of lady friends to breakfast Tuesday and also made a stop at the Sanibel Bean, on the way back. We enjoyed a nice long visit with them, most of the afternoon, at the home the rent in East Rocks, just off West Gulf Drive.

When we left, we decided make a quick stop at resident access 1 to walk out to the beach.

There were lots of shore birds. I had never seen so many pelicans on the beach, usually they are bobbing around in the water, and seldom that many in one group. If people walked by, they would all take flight and immediately turn and return to the same spot.

I began to get a little excited as I began to find a few small shells.

All, except the white shells and the mac 'n cheese, came from a high tide line, and had probably been passed over by several people. The others came from the ankle deep water, as the tide was getting lower and lower.

Shells from the evening beach visit.

Later that night, we made a delivery of shell craft glue to the same friends, for a shell picture frame project that was in progress. I thought it was looking great!

After visiting for a while, we decided to go on a little adventure. We covered one flashlight with a red lens, put the red lights on a couple of caps and drove to Lighthouse Beach, where we went for a walk, to see if there were any shells. That turned out to be a total waste of time. As we walked the board walk all the way back across the tip of the island to the parking area by the fishing pier, we spotted lots of Beach Moonflowers in full bloom.

They were growing all the way to the top of some trees.

It was a little scary walking all through there in the dark, especially with spider webs and spiders hanging around everywhere, in front of you. But, we made the trip safely and had fun doing it.

Today we made a quick stop by the Bean, to pick up a refreshment again for our friend who is a Sanibel Bean addict. Then talked them into going for a ride with us to Ft Myers for lunch.

The clouds were very pretty this afternoon as we crossed the Sanibel Causeway and produced no rain. :)

Lunch at Big Al's. My shrimp was extra good! I like this place a lot.

There are flowers and trees blooming in profusion all over the island right now. There is a scent of perfume in the air that is very pleasant to those who are not bothered by allergies. In any case, you have to appreciate the beauty.

Variegated Ginger Plant with spicy smelling blooms.

lavender Dipladenia Bush

Light Pink Oleander

Red Double Hibiscus

Royal Poinciana

The little purple blooms you see on the limb behind the Poinciana are blooms on a Jacaranda tree.

A wonderful smelling Gardenia.

Did you know that Sanibel Moorings has 6 acres of gardens? Their Master Gardener and Naturalist, Anita Marshall will take you on a botanical garden tour every Tuesday at 9am. They meet in the butterfly garden and the tour lasts approximately 2 hours. The tour is complimentary to their guests. The public is also welcomed with a $5.00 fee per person. I have not yet attended one the tours, but I do plan to.

You can call toll free at 1.800.237.5144 or 239.472.4119 for reservations and/or information.


ruma2008 said...

Grand scenery...

The wonderful view.

Thank you.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Such a lovely island! Can't believe I was just there three weeks ago *sigh*!

bobbie said...

Such beautiful blooms, none of which I have seen before.

sue in mexico mo said...

Your nighttime adventures sound like lots of fun. Except for the spiders. . . lol