Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Afternoon and Tiny Sanibel Shells

This afternoon we went to the beach at Buttonwood Dr. It's a half mile west of the lighthouse. It was sunny and hot. It got up to 88 degrees today and the water felt really warm. The tide was out and there were hardly any waves at all. I enjoyed walking in the water, looking for shells, because it was pretty clear. I only found one cone, and not a very good one, by doing that. Then when we were ready to leave, I noticed a wentletrap at the edge of the water. When I looked closer, I found a few more tiny shells. I love the teeny tiny ones. :)

There were a lot of boats anchored out, some were tied together. I've never seen that many hanging around there at one time.

There were more people out in the water than on shore. Seems they were all trying to stay cool.

These two, coming out with their noodles. :)

There were three groups of pelicans, like this, all bobbing around together, just like the people.

You can tell how far out the water was shallow.

This doggie didn't think he needed a leash. He repeatedly fetched this toy, over and over. There were three dogs there at the same time and none of them were on a leash. One small dog took off running down the beach and a man started after him. When he saw he wasn't going to be able to catch it, he went back to where his beach umbrella was. He then got on a segway and went flying across the beach after the dog. He had to go quite a way along the waters edge before he caught it. The dog was on a leash and running along beside him on the way back. I didn't think segways were allowed on the beach. ??

These are the shells I carried home. I was most proud of the two wentletraps, tiny baby's ear and a itty bitty mac n cheese.

After a walk on a hot day, I highly recommend one of these Pina Coladas. :) Even the bird thought it looked good.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Looks like a FAB day at the beach. I love low tide. It sometimes seems like you can walk out forever!! Bob is recovering nicely. Back to work on 5/20, four weeks post op. Nice that he has a job that he can do that... no lifting, etc. Because he is going stir crazy!!

ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

The drink looks awesome,I wish I had one right now :) The shell to the right next to the murex,we have never found one of those,you are so lucky :) Lots of cute little mini's.

bobbie said...

I really can't take heat like that, but 88 sounds pretty good compared to our low temps yesterday and today.
Love your pelican picture.

RottenMom said...

Thanks for my Island fix! I love this post! Then again I love all of your posts!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Hey! Thanks for your visit -- we've fallen in love with Sanibel Island -- so nice to meet someone who lives there -- we're already planning to return next year -- you'll have to give us the best tips for places to see and places to eat.

Gayle said...

I was totally trying to capture the feel of 88* as I read your words. Awesome! The beverage looks tasty and your company is so cute! :)