Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sanibel Friends

The weather has been very nice. The low was 75 last night and the high was 84 today with wind from the SSE. The downside to that was the 88% humidity. We have friends staying on island right now, so we went over to resident access 3, off West Gulf Drive, this afternoon.

We walked out onto the beach and looked each way, since we thought one couple would be around access 4 and the other couple around access 2.

The wind was really strong on the beach, as you can tell by looking at that umbrella. :)

We spotted one couple to our left so we started out in that direction, looking at the shells scattered along the way. The first time we looked down, there was a large shark's eye, just waiting for us. :)

Next I found a little Turkey Wing.

And then....a little mac'n cheese.

Yes....It is the famous Fish King, who appears to be sitting back, sipping on a cold one! :) And in the distance, I could see the infamous Shell Queen who was busily gathering seashells.

The 'Life Is Good' symbol.

Mr. Fish King had this view of his Pirate kite, on it's practice mission, before Mr. Harry arrives with his new kite.

Mr. Fish King was turning to show his catch to us.....

when the paparazzi came rushing over to photograph him with his catch. :)

Just after that exciting moment, a romantic gentleman walked over to hand this heart shaped scallop to me. :) Yep, only on Sanibel!

After a nice long visit, a couple of beers and lots of laughs, while sitting in the shade of the umbrella, it was time to part ways, leaving our friends behind to watch the sunset.

Sorry to end this on a not so pleasant note:

Received this email from the City of Sanibel today, May 04, 2010.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Update #3

Additional Website Recommended for those
Monitoring the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Currently, the City of Sanibel beaches are in pristine condition and are all open to the public. At this time, there is no smell of oil or burning.

The City of Sanibel recommends the following additional website for those monitoring the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill:


For the latest updates released by the Federal and State governments, please monitor the following websites:


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Gayle said...

Beach + Friends = A Great Time :)