Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lazy Sanibel Blogger

I've been a little lazy in posting during the last few days. I've been planting some flowers and have spent much of my time outside digging around in the dirt. since it's been in the upper 80's each day, I'm pretty well wiped out by the time I quit. And...I'm not quite finished yet. Seems to me, I just move a little slower each day. The nights have been very pleasant, around 72.

On the way to Ft Myers yesterday, there were some very pretty clouds. It's getting to be that time of year again. :)

We were driving on a side street, when I noticed this lucky alligator. It has a small lake with a beautiful water fountain, all to itself. It looked to be around 6' long.

Last night, around 8:30, I looked out and was surprised to see these big, fluffy clouds looking so bright in the dark sky.

This evening, after making a McDonalds run, we watched the sunset on the way back to the island.


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh how beautiful *sigh* wish I were there!

gpc said...

Always beautiful. I really enjoy being so close to my grandkids and am happy about my choice the couple of times a week I see them -- but I wish in all the in-between-times that I was on Sanibel! Your posts always make me feel a little closer.