Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Visit to Miceli's Restaurant

Today we headed over the causeway, on our way to Cape Coral for a dentist appointment. I am totally excited because it is almost, beautiful cloud time of year. :) The water was very dark blue today in the bay. Lots of fishermen out on the shoreline, as well as in boats. I also saw a few sun worshipers, laying there frying. Just a quick mention again, about much less crowded traffic conditions. :)

Causeway, also known to some folks, as 'The Sad Lane' as they are leaving the island.

This is my favorite Ft Myers route to travel, McGregor Blvd or State Road 867. I love how it's lined with tall Royal Palms and flowering bushes.

After the appointment in Cape Coral, we decided to take a ride toward Pine Island and Matlacha Pass to see our friend Trey. He used to be a chef at Tween Waters on Captiva, now he is the executive chef at Miceli's Restaurant. The restaurant is quite large. It seats over 300 and has dock space and outdoor dining. Best of all; 99 cent draft beers, the food and service are excellent! We used to go to eat at Miceli's a lot when they were located on San Carlos, just before the bridge leading to Ft Myers Beach. We enjoyed it then, but this is a much larger and better location for them. They have also expanded their menu. Like Trey told us, "If you can't find something you like on the menu, you aren't hungry". :) Needless to say, we found things we certainly liked! For me, it was Grouper strips. The sauce was not the usual tartar, it was a little different and was just a little spicy. I liked it better than any I've ever had.

This is a perfect time of year for out door dining. It just doesn't get any better!

If you are out boating, take a run up Pine Island Sound and stop in at Miceli's. You'll be glad you did! Be sure to say Hey to Trey!

After a great meal, we drove on over Matlacha Pass and on to Pine Island.

We just drove a short distance before heading back, but I was most impressed by the bright colored buildings. These are only a small sampling.

Going back across the pass.

Passing Miceli's.

I was surprised to see new roads and so much open space in this area.

Back across to Ft Myers.

Tree lined McGregor once again.

Entertained by wind surfers on the return trip across the causeway. It was a wonderful afternoon. :)


Marjorie said...

I LOVE all those brightly colored buildings! I think a short detour to Pine Island will be necessary when we visit Sanibel next year!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Tootie, WOW---what a nice ride you took us on today.... It looked like a perfect day in Florida. I remember --when I lived in Venice--I thought that March and April were the prettiest months of the year.

That restaurant looks neat--and I'm glad they are doing so well. I love the colors of the buildings.

The sky and bay are just gorgeous. I love all of the different colors of blue.

Thanks for sharing.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Nice ride. Love the puffy clouds. Don't love the "sad lane". Maybe we'll check out Miceli's this fall.

Suwanee Refugee said...

Pine Island is where I go mullet fishing in the fall. I drive through these Key West style colors and buildings. It seems like a pretty eclectic town. They have art festivals in PI from time to time.