Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday and Back to the Beach

Early this evening we went back to the beach at resident access 2 on West Gulf Drive. It was 83 degrees and sunny here today, but by evening it had cooled down a little. There was a breeze, but when standing still on the beach, noseeums were a little bothersome.

The birdies left a trail.

I'm guessing that owner doesn't care for visitors. :) I've heard that he definitely does not want a kite anchored near his gate.

These 4 Pelicans all crashed into the water at the same time, like Synchronized Fishing.

On the way back across the beach to the path, I saw a couple of holes with some dried grass laying over it, to hide the hole. A nice little trap. :(

I love this tree that I can see from access path 2. :)

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