Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sanibel is a Paradise!

It was 80 degrees today and partly sunny, with a cool wind. Just a perfect day! :) Early this evening we went to resident access 3, off West Gulf Drive. There wasn't anyone right in that area, so we had it to ourselves, to watch the relaxing waves, a sailboat and lots of birds. I imagine the people on the sailboat must have felt the same way, since there wasn't another boat in sight.

Up in the distance, in front of Mitchell's Sandcastles, several people were standing on the beach watching their dogs play in the water.

Very few shells today on the high tide line and I couldn't see anything coming in.

I guess the dinner prospects weren't looking too good, so this bird just decided to take a break.

This bird was singing...... 'Feet In The Water'.....

and this one replied.....'Poop In The Sand'..... :)

and.....I wished I had a cold drink in my hand!

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Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Paradise is the place to be right now! Kicked back with the water, waves, a breeze..... and that cold drink in your hand!