Friday, April 16, 2010

Sanibel / Captiva Friday Road Trip

It was another sunny, 81 degree day here on the island. That seemed like a perfect opportunity to put the top down on the car and just cruise around Sanibel and Captiva. The traffic wasn't bad at all, until evening. I just took some random photos as we went along, and I'll share them with you.

It looks like the trees are beginning to make a canopy over the road and the bike paths in a few places again. I was so sad the first time I came to the islands, after Hurricane Charley in 2004, and they were all gone. The beauty as well as the shade, has certainly been missed by everyone.

Yes, even island kids have to go to school.

Do you island visitors know where this Sanibel Lighthouse replica is?

It's right by this beautiful sculpted hedge.

Isn't it amazing? I can't drive down Periwinkle without looking over at it.

The Bank of the Islands has some beautiful trees and flowers.

This picture is for our wonderful friends. :) Our little Weeping Hibiscus tree has lots of pretty pink blooms.

Later around 7:00 PM, after traffic on Periwinkle Way was again back to normal, we drove to the east end of the island to Lighthouse Beach. The parking area was still nearly full. There seemed to be a couple of large family groups there, who were having a good time. The tide was low and there were a lot of people out walking around in the shallow water looking for shells. It was funny watching them because it looked like they were walking on water. It really didn't look like very good shelling today. There was a pod of doldhins about a hundred feet out from shore and they were putting on quite a show for everyone. Oh, I almost forgot! Some little boys were running around and yelling that there were CWABS! AND...they were ALIVE!!

Back on Periwinkle Way again, and I had to take a photo of one of my favorite trees on the island. It looks absolutely perfect in front of a most beautiful home.

That swing looks so inviting. I can picture a little girl in it, with her dress blowing in the breeze and her laughter filling the air.


Suwanee Refugee said...

I do a bit of fishing around Boca Grande Pass every year. After Charlie came through, the mangroves were naked. Only now do they look pre-Charlie.

Gayle said...

You do live in one of the most beautiful places on earth! I feel so relaxed after I look at your photos. Thank you.

Pam said...

Those are beautiful shots of the island, Tootie!

sue in mexico mo said...

Thanks for the drive. I enjoyed it very much!

RottenMom said...

Oh! I just want to kiss you! Mmmmmmwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!
Thank you so much for the drive! I am missing the Islands so badly and we don't get back down there until summer.

Don said...

Are you going to tell us where the minature lighthouse reproduction is located, or do I have to go looking for it the next time I am there (just two more weeks). In over 12 years of visting Sanibel, I don't recall ever seeing it or the hedge.

Tina said...

Ahh, twas a nice drive around the islands...thank u! love that sculptured hedge..that must be quite a chore to keep up with all that clipping!
Not this yr but last yr during our stay we had sharks coming in close to the beach where we were staying..they arrived around 9:30am for about 3 days and would swim the shallows following the schools of fish, I guess!

Tootie said...

Don, when you get to the island and drive west on Periwinkle Way, look over at the Ace Hardware and you will see the little lighthouse. There is actually information inside on their counter, with information about the man who made it and he also makes them to sell. The hedge is between the Ace Hardware lot and where the Mermaid kitchen restaurant used to be.