Monday, April 26, 2010

Sanibel After the Thunderstorm

The temperature got down to 66 last night. We had a cold front passing through and during the wee hours of the morning we had thunder storms and nearly 2 inches of rain. A lot of people in SW Florida were out of power this morning due to the storms. This afternoon it was sunny and got up to 81 degrees. The wind was out of the WSW with gusts up to 29 mph.

We went off island this morning around 8:30 and the sky was still very cloudy. I took my umbrella just in case. But, evidently the rain was over, even though the clouds hung around for a while longer.

This afternoon it was very nice out, so I put my boy in his travel box that we call the Pope Dome, and we sat out on the back deck for a while. Actually we were watching the birds. :)

This evening we went to Resident Access 2 off West Gulf Drive for a long walk and to watch the sunset. The water was still pretty rough, it was very windy and before we left it was getting a little cool.

I've left a lot of cyber shelling for you, but it really wasn't that good.

The small groups of puffy clouds were pretty.

A couple of small orange scallops. I can never pass them up.

I was surprised to find a Shark's Eye.

This picture is for our friend Harry. Could this be what is left of the kite you lost last year? :)

Someone had been clearing out a very large area by the beach, near access 1. It looked as though there had been Australian Pines there. I noticed as we drove on West Gulf Drive, that the same lot had been cleared to build on. I guess there will soon be another new beach home.

Nuts to you, from who knows where?

There's a nice Apple Murex!

Cockle Shell here!

A Pear Whelk, but not a good one.

Hmmm, maybe an Orange Scallop? :)

Very near that orange scallop, I found an Apple Murex. ?? :)

Just before I took this photo, I saw a young couple positioning their bottle of wine and two long stem wine glasses in the sand. They also wrote something in the sand next to the bottle, then took pictures. Romantic, huh? Another young couple was walking along the beach carrying their drinks.

You can hardly see them in this photo, but there is an older couple sitting up in the dunes having drinks as they watched the sunset. Yes, they were sitting in chairs, that's what we old people do. :)

The sunset marked the end of another wonderful day!


ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

Thank you thank you,we go in 5 days & just looking at those shells makes me happy. We have never found a Pear Whelk but lots of itty bitty orange scallops,they are so pretty.

Gayle said...

I definitely wouldn't care for the wind, but the ocean is so beautiful. I'd sit in chairs with a beverage to watch the sun set! :)

Pam said...

Your cockatoo looks happy with his box seat, bird's eye view and supply of snacks. What a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

I love your sweet boy and his 'Pope Dome'! :)
On May 24th, I'll be one of those sunset watching peeps with a glass of chardonnay in one hand and a camera in the other! ;)
Thank you for all the great fotos and video, always!

RottenMom said...

Oh so funny! The POPE DOME!!!