Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lazy Sanibel Sunday

I've been kind of busy and neglected to post the last couple of days. So, here are a couple of pictures that I took during that time.

There was a lot of boating activity going on Friday as we drove across the causeway. Here's a peek.

Saturday on the way back from Captiva I snapped a quick shot of some fishermen and sun worshipers, as we crossed the bridge. It was a pretty busy place with both parking areas filled up.

Today was a lazy Sunday, only doing what we wanted to do. This afternoon went to access 5. The sun was shining and warm wind was blowing from the SSE. The high temperature was 80. The water was 76 and felt warm enough to walk in. I love walking in the water, I find it relaxing. :) There were shells, most of them were small and in some places there were only crumbs. We did pick up a few and found a couple of nice mac 'n cheese(juvenile horse conchs) in the water, near Mitchell's.

Driving back on West Gulf Drive, I took a couple photos of a beautiful Pink Oleander bush that I've been noticing lately. I think I should get one. :)


Pam said...

You've got some breathtaking photos in this posting, Tootie. I LOVE the one with the foaming surf coming in.

HarmSkills said...

wow! wish I would have know about this site before I went to sanibel in early april! But Ill probably go again (parents have condo in estero) so Ill follow your blog and dream of the warm florida sunshine!