Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Wonderful, Warm Sanibel Day

We've waited for it........waited for it......and waited for it, and finally a wonderful warm day has come. Happy days are here again, with the 74 degree one today. It was still a little cool last night at 57, but it continues to raise a few degrees each night.

Today we went to Light House Beach on the eastern tip of the island. That is a public beach and parking area. It was really crowded there and everyone seemed to be enjoying the warm sunshine to the fullest. There was one couple swimming and a little girl was also testing the water temperature and trying to get in. :)

The water was calm, and there weren't many good shells to look at. The wind was out of the southwest today with gusts up to 14 mph, but it felt pretty warm for a change.

There were only a couple of parking spots left.

There were people as far as I could see.

The man and woman kept swimming out further and further and every time the man stood up, he was still only waist deep in water. Must have been their first visit, because he seemed puzzled by that.

Little girl testing the water.

After seeing how crowded it was there, we headed off-island to do a little grocery shopping. The traffic was horrid, once again. For some reason the cars were just creeping across the causeway.

There were a lot of boats, wave runners, and kite boarders out today.

Many fishermen, all along the causeway, probably not caring too much if they caught anything except warm rays of sun.

On the way back across, there were clouds with rays of light shining in different directions. The pictures don't show it all that well, but maybe you can get the idea. :)

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Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I love crossing that causeway. I wish we could creep much more slowly sometimes. It's hard to see everything while moving, whether you are the driver or not. Perhaps in October we will spend some time on the causeway islands so we can enjoy the various views without having to worry about traffic!!