Thursday, March 4, 2010

Way Too Cold On Sanibel

Today we went to Pointe Santo; this video was on the beach there. It was pretty cold last night with the temperature dropping to 48 and not much better today at only 56 degrees. There was a NNW wind again with gusts up to 20 mph. That's way too cold for March. I just keep remembering why we all want to live here, to get myself through the unusually cold weather. :) Crosby, Stills, & Nash said it very well in their song, 'On The Isle Of Sanibel'.

Going to leave this town forever
And go where I'll never
Need an overcoat no more, where they cry ...
Ooh lalalala, every night and every day
Sitting by the Gulf coast just a thousand miles away
Where they cry ...
Ooh lalalala, on an island I will dwell
Starlit nights in paradise on the Isle of Sanibel

When we first walked out onto the beach, I saw a man reeling in a kite. It went down into the water and he fought with it, like he was reeling in a fish. He walked a LONG way down the beach, before he was finally able to get it out of the water. You can see him in the video, which was a little while after he had started his chase to the east.

Pointe Santo de Sanibel

The poor man finally caught up with his kite.

I should have posted this notice last night. The traffic today was awful.
If you are on island, don't forget to factor in extra travel time if you have to be somewhere on schedule.

News Release – City of Sanibel, FL
March 1st, 2010


Due to the 73rd annual Shell Fair and Show being held at the Sanibel Community Association, 2173 Periwinkle Way, heavy traffic is anticipated on Thursday, March 4th, Friday, March 5th, and Saturday, March 6th, along Periwinkle Way from Casa Ybel Road to Tarpon Bay Road.

Additionally, on March 2nd and March 3rd, there will be shell sales only occurring at the Sanibel Community Association, which may cause traffic delays as well.

Motorists are advised to be alert for pedestrians crossing the roadway in this area and should expect delays. Please plan your travel accordingly.


gpc said...

Wow, where have I been -- I've never heard that song before! ITunes, here I come! I'm sorry it's cold there -- I am looking out my window at what seems like a permanent blanket of snow. I hope better weather arrives soon for all of us!

Megan said...

No matter the temps, the beach is always beautiful. I will never tire of hearing the waves on the shore. I think your "travel advisories" are a hoot. I live on an island but there's not much traffic. The worst we have are the snowbirds who drive real slooooow! (;o)
Looking forward to some warmer temps this weekend!