Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunny Sanibel Sunday

It was really a beautiful day, sunny and 71 degrees. The island is busy from one end to the other with warmth deprived residents, snowbirds and spring break vacationers. The streets are crowded with traffic, the multi-use paths are in full use, most rental properties are full to capacity, and many residents and snowbirds have visitors as well. But even though crowded, I think you would still find most everyone with smiles on their faces today, as they happily soaked up some sunshine.

Early afternoon we drove up West Gulf Drive looking for a parking spot at a resident parking area. After looking at all seven areas, we only found one empty parking spot at access 4, which is by Mitchell's Sandcastles and 4015 cottages.

Walking out to the beach, past Mitchell's, we noticed they have put several new tables and chairs with umbrellas around, near the cottages. There are also loungers and other chairs, nearer the beach. The paths or walkways out onto the beach are neatly corded off, to keep foot traffic off a lot of new plantings. They've tried this several times since Hurricane Charley, but they kept getting trampled. Hopefully this will keep people and dogs away from those areas.

The sun was shining in a clear, bright blue sky. The wind was pretty strong, but felt warm. As the receding tide met incoming waves, the breakers were churning up the sand, making the water brown, not the pretty aquamarine color we've seen so much lately. I suppose we need all that chaotic energy to bring in more seashells. :)

The black dog in the picture below, was walking along quietly and all of a sudden it took a big lunge right into a wave that completely covered him up. It's owners were still laughing as they passed by. I guess the warm weather is even making the animals happy and more energetic.

Shells are good for many things, even leaving your signature behind.

A couple playing in the surf, seemed to be having a good afternoon.

Something on the sand got my attention. When I looked closer, it looked like someone had fallen in a big sand hole.

It was quite startling, then when I looked closer, I realized there were two people. Ok now, all kinds of things were running through my head! Both feeling bad, dug a hole to lay down and, well you know, make it simple for someone to cover them up after. ? No time to purchase a beach chair; simply shaped a recliner in the sand. ? Just plain tired. ? Just another one of those things that make you go Hmmm..... They were still there on my return. :)

There was a man walking along the water's edge, dipping shells out and dumping them on the ground to look at and then he moved on to get another net full.

There were little piles of shells left in a trail behind him. :)

Now that's putting your birdies all in a row. :)

Don't you just love this little guy's shadow?


ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

How cute is that shadow :) We teach the kids to put whatever shells they dont want back in the shell pile or in the ocean.Did you get to go to Blind Pass yet? I have never seen a shell pile as huge as the one that was I saw today. You are so lucky to live there even though the streets were super busy it's well worth it.

Anonymous said...

I love that sand recliner, but imagine they are still trying to hose that sand off today.

Cute pear-shaped bird shadow!

George said...

I'm envious of your bright sunshine and warm weather. We could certainly use both up here.

Tink *~*~* said...

It was a beautiful day on Sanibel for sure! We brunched at the Sanibel Cafe and then spent the afternoon flying kites and picking up shells at Algiers. Was so glad to get some down time on the beach!


Lisa said...

Tootie, thanks so much for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment. It allowed me to find your blog & see just what I missed by not getting down to Sanibel. It is definately on my bucket list & I plan to go there when we are in Florida for a longer time than this last trip. We enjoyed it so much, especially the trip across the bridge. What a day! Thanks again!

Megan said...

Ahhh Yes--it is Spring here in FL. We weren't sure we were gonna get there but here it is. We don't have quite the madness that y'all do. We're just a sleepy little beach town over here. And I'm lucky in that I just walk down the street to the beach. Enjoy the weather!